Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tint in Sydney

Car window tinting in Sydney is an important upgrade to your car as it protects you and your car from the sun’s damaging heat and UV rays. The films we use to tint a car are made from metal particles which help the film last longer by reflecting the unwanted energy from the glass before it can burn the color out of the film.

Other important benefits of car tinting in Sydney are:

• Enhances the appearance of a car.
• Protects passengers from sun damage.
• Stops your precious interior from sun fade.
• Stops glass from shattering in an accident.
• Saves Fuel reduces air-condition usage.

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Our Tinting Style

There are many methods to apply tint to the windows of a car:

• We tint most cars without removing the door trims.
• We shave the tint to the top edge of the glass so there are no gaps.
• We tint back windows in one piece so there are no joins.

These are just some car tinting methods that we use to tint cars and they take years of hands-on experience to master.

Car window tinting films

There are three types of window films around today non-metal (carbon), metal and ceramic.

• Non – metal films or carbon are the cheaper options and don’t have metal in the film and look good for a while but don’t last they fade and start to bubble over a short time.

• Metal films are made with tiny metal particles that reflect the heat away from the glass before it can burn the tinting film and your interior and will last much longer than non-metal films.

• Ceramic window films are the more expensive option and they contain ceramic particles and reject a little more heat than the metal films.

Window tinting Sydney proudly uses Johnson Window Films and they have been around for over 40years supplying the world with the best tinting films around and they back their product with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Mobile Window Tinting Sydney Service

We take a lot of pride in our car tinting and for us to provide our quality service you will need to have the following:

• An indoor space (empty double garage or bigger)
• Needs to have good lighting for us to see what we are doing.
• We will need a power point for our tools.

It is always best to bring your car to us as we are better set up for a quality tint job especially for European cars or if you need tint removed from your car for these its best to give us a call and we can better advise you on what to do.

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