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Window Tinting & Car Detailing Thornleigh provides a professional window tinting & car detailing service in Thornleigh using superior methods along with exclusive window films that you won't find anywhere else. The methods used to achieve great results include ''custom fit'' this is when we shave the edge on the top of the wind up windows so there are no old fashion gaps. This will ensure the windows look like they came out from factory tinted. One piece film shrunk on the big sedan rear windows instead of splicing the film in pieces so there are no joins along the demister lines. Window tinting Thornleigh use a special method to tint a car where the door trim on most cars are not removed while still insuring a clean result.

Car window tinting films

There are three types of films around today non metal, metal and ceramic. Non - metal films or carbon don't have metal in them and look good for a while but over time they will fade and start to bubble. Metal films are made with tiny particles of metal and reflect the heat away from a car's interior and last much longer than any non metal films. Ceramic window film contains ceramic particles and is the most expensive option for car window tinting.

Window tinting Thornleigh uses high end metal films that are backed by a guarantee by the suppliers. Window tinting Thornleigh have been using two of the best brands of window film on the market and have had great results and no returns. All the car window tinting work is checked over three times before the customer is contacted to pick up their car.

Car Detailing Thornleigh service

We provide car detailing services like ceramic coating, paint protection, paint enhancement, carpet and seat shampoo and Vacuum.

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Window Tinting Removal Thornleigh

It is best to call and give us more information about this service so we can best help you.

Home and office window tinting

Because of the high volume of car window tinting the we do through dealer work and private customers it makes it hard to go out and measure and quote a home's windows or a office front glass panes. Window tinting Thornleigh only offers this service to customers willing to measure each individual glass pane required for tinting and sent in by email once they have called and arranged with us first. It is best to call first for this service.

Window tinting Thornleigh is a unique service where you can watch us tint high quality cars on the many videos we have on our Google website and YouTube. No other place has this great idea we are the first to implement this in the car tinting industry. Check them out see what goes into our car window tinting service.

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