Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive is a Tint & Car detailing service that prides itself on high quality and professional services to our customers!

Window Tinting Sydney

If you are searching for a window tinting & car detailing service in Sydney for car, home or office glass windows then look no further. Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive is the industry's high-end leader in real quality tint & car detailing. Stop getting ripped off by these cheap shops that use Chinese and Korean films and are here today gone tomorrow all you get from them is bubbles and fading in your window tint.

Car Detailing Services

We offer car detailing services like ceramic coating, paint correction, paint protection, paint enhancement. We have videos on our website and YOUTUBE you can watch and get to know us and our high-quality passionate work we do before you choose to call us and book your job in. 

Quality Tint & Car Detailing

  We use the highest quality materials on the market along with years of expert detailed installation methods and a passion for a perfect finish every time is just one way to describe the work we do. Window Tinting Sydney is the best option for your car tint & detailing, home or office window tinting in Sydney projects.

Window Tinting Sydney

Window Tinting Perfection

Window Tinting Perfection

We tint most cars without removing the door trims and its a special method we have perfected. See how we do it in our video.

Car Detailing Sydney Service

Car Detailing Sydney Service

Car detailing services like ceramic coating, paint correction, pant protection, paint enhancement.

Window Tint Shades

Car tint

Our Window Tint Shades

This is our custom car tinting shade chart chose one of the three most popular shades we use 35% legal, 15% and 5% limo tint.

Exclusive Tint & Car Detailing Sydney where you pay for real quality product and service

Confidence in our Work

We are so confident in our window tint & detailing we have videos on our website of our car tint & car detailing jobs to show our customers the high-quality work and contracts we deal with and our videos speak for themselves.

Window Tinting At Our Garage Location

Window tinting & car detailing needs to be done indoors and it has to be a clean and bright double garage with plenty of room. We have a full set up at our location where we do all our window tint & car detailing services from so you will need to bring your car to us.

Window Tinting Price

Window tinting prices in Sydney all depend on the quality of window film used and how much time is spent on the job for a car, home, and offices.

High-Quality Tinting

Our home and office tinting quality are of the highest standard we have tinted many of the Sydney CBD buildings and government office blocks and the police trust us to do their own homes.

Amazing Videos

Watch the videos on this website and see for yourself the high level of work and customers Window Tinting Sydney by Exclusive services and you will know who to choose for your next car or home tinting in Sydney.

Mobile Service

Mobile Window Tinting Sydney Service:
We have specific requirements to provide you this service visit our car window tinting page for more on this service or call us.

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